Wine Label Removers 50% OFF

Item Code: WLR


A great way of removing the labels from much loved wines and recording them in your Wine Journal and/or diary. Full instructions provided .... you will be amazed with the results!

We have now sold over 5,000,000 of these all over the world ... supply some of the most famous hotels on the globe and we welcome newcomers to read the customer reviews

Pack Size: 180 x 150mm
Label Size:165mm x 134mm
Number of Wine Label Removers: 10, 25 and 50


We are finding that our regular customers are also using them to remove unusual Beer and Lager labels.

Pack of 10 Wine Label Removers
Price: £9.00 £4.50
Pack of 25 Wine Label Removers
Price: £22.50 £11.25
Pack of 50 Wine Label Removers
Price: £45.00 £22.50

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